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Congratulations! In just 60 seconds you can secure your spot in the Wise Money CURBS™ for Business Program. 

During this 16-week program, you will learn and follow my signature CURBS for Business System that will build the infrastructure for your business to have sustainable six-figure profitability.

You’ll build (or rebuild) your business from the ground up: 

  • Learn the fundamentals of business
  • Discover how money operates in your business
  • Learn to read a Profit and Loss and make strategic business decisions accordingly
  • Build a real 3-year business plan that you can follow
  • Build a balance sheet that’s in alignment with your goals
  • Gain access to Dashboard/Metric/Strategy Spreadsheets to use in your business

4 Payments of $2,500.00

Today you are putting your deposit down of $2,500.00 to secure your spot in the Wise Money CURBS™ For Business Program. The deposit will take the place of your first month’s payment. 


Wow. I'm thrilled you are here. No matter where you are financially you've done something 99% of the population won't. And that's investing in yourself, your financial future, and ultimately true Sovereignty. Welcome to the other side. One where there are answers, a plan, wealth and freedom. I look forward to taking on this journey with you.

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*After enrollment a Student Success Team Member will be in touch with you. You will receive a pre-course strategy session, a workbook, and a detailed email regarding all additional program information.*