July 29th, 2021

Austin, Texas

Double-digit returns

A one-day workshop focused on real strategy for getting double-digit returns on your investments

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Krisstina Wise

Founder of Wealthy Wellthy & Sovereignty Academy

I am a self-made multi-millionaire. I didn’t inherit my wealth or marry it. I’ve created it. I am a single female who is financially empowered and who loves money, loves to spend money on an amazing life and lifestyle and who is passionate about building wealth (net worth). I have created financial freedom which means I can live off the cash flow from my assets without having a need to work. But, I love my work (to do this with you!) so I’ll be in the game for as long as you’ll let me.

It's time to GATHER!

Join me (and my amazing Wealthy Wellthy Team) for a kick ass Sovereignty Academy workshop!

During The Double-Digit Return Workshop I will be presenting my latest work that I’m writing/delivering in response to the demand (that comes in forms of begging and pleading ;)) from my best students and clients.

The work is called: My Secret Strategy for how I Built a 7-figure Net Worth through Double-Digit Returns! 

This is an immersive workshop where I will  share my exclusive investment strategy that has created a growing high 7-Figure Net Worth. 

I will show you all my numbers and the engine that’s under the hood, including: 

This is a small, intimate, 1-time ONLY event. There will only be 25 seats. First come 🙂

See you there!