Join Krisstina and 5 MORE of her favorite Wealth and Business Experts on June 23rd, 2022 for a high-level discussion on their distinctive mindsets and powerful skillsets in navigating business and investment portfolio growth in a changing economy.

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This FREE Wealth & Business Panel is for Coaches, Realtors, and Business Owners (serious entrepreneurs) only. Attendees will receive a free PDF implementation workbook, notes, and a transcript of the discussion at the end of the event.

Thursday, June 23. 3:00pm - 5:15pm CT.

Each of the experts, including myself, has hit the double 7s. Meaning, they’ve amassed over a 7+ figure net worth AND have built at least one 7+ figure business.

In our February Round Table, my previous 5 experts talked about what enabled them to build multi-million dollar businesses and net worth.

In this conversation, we will be navigating that once again but with a heavy focus on today’s current economy.


They say you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time around.

I agree. Why? Because it’s proven to be true in my lifetime after time. In fact, I’ve always wanted to surround myself with people far smarter, successful, and wealthier than I (hoping that their genius would rub off on me!).

This average stays true for business success but even more importantly, wealth success. How many of your peers or friends have the real success you desire? And better yet, the true wealth you want?

Not too many? That’s okay because I’m bringing 5 of mine to you. 

Not only am I bringing 5 of the best brains I know (and learn from myself), but they are the best in different areas of Wealth, Business, and Investing.

I will be interviewing each of my guests teasing out their best-kept secrets that have enabled them to achieve top 1% success in wealth, business, and investing even in shifting economies.

Particularly, their perspective on where the economy is currently going and what they are personally doing to find financial leverage even in this uncertain time.

When looking back in history, you notice that economic downturn and recession usually only hurt a portion of the population, unfortunately. There is a large portion of the population who sees the opportunity and knows where to capitalize on it.

I’m bringing you those people. So, if I were you, I’d want to listen in.

You will hear what’s different about the way they think (mindsets) combined with what they do (skillsets) that’re far different than everyone else who’s paralized by their uncertainty in building wealth in today’s economy.

They will each share their secret sauce to beating the business and money averages.


I’m a HUGE fan of round table discussions with smart people. Period. The opportunity to get brains like these in the same “room” is rare because, as you can imagine, people like this are busy with their own lives. But, I’m calling in the favor card as a gift to you. 

I’m lucky – my 5 are not only smart, but they are also great friends with big hearts and generosity.  

In other words, don’t miss this rare chance to learn from some of the most successful people I know. In fact, give me one reason why you would decline? 

There are reasons you haven’t amassed the wealth, business success or freedom you’ve wanted, yet. There are also reasons why you may not “come out on top” with a crashing stock, crypto and even federal market. The reasons? It usually boils down to:

1. a lack of knowledge (what you don’t know that you don’t know)
2. counterproductive behaviors, habits, and practices
3. a weak network

So, here’s your opportunity to improve all three!

However, I will tell you, if you pass up on the opportunity to be a fly on a wall w/ these people… well I think we’ve identified your reason!

Join me and my peer group of experts. Learn from their wisdom to be able to take new action in 2022 to produce the financial results you desire this year.

The Experts

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Krisstina Wise

10-Figure Net Worth on a 6 Figure-income Expert

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Ron Lynch

Billion$ Marketing Expert

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Krisstina Wise

10-Figure Net Worth on a 6 Figure-income Expert


Jerremy Newsome

Stock Market Investor Expert


Jennifer Love

Wealth Philosopher & Money Therapist Expert

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Mark Enlow

Fortune 500 Talent Consulting and Acquisition Expert

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Jordan Hall

Business Growth and Cryptocurrency Expert

Get access to the proven mindsets and skillsets of investing in a changing economy from six different 7-figure business owners

With me, Krisstina!

I am the founder of Wealthy Wellthy & the Wise Money School, and I help high-income entrepreneurs radically transform their wealth trajectory and business to reach financial sovereignty and freedom. Soon. 

WealthyWellthy is a new perspective. A life architecture company. Designed to help you find the intersection of financial wealth and vibrant health.

The Wise Money School is a division of Wealthy Wellthy. The “money school” we never had but all needed. It’s where smart business owners get access to the most innovative ways to grow and scale their business, build wealth, and create a legacy.

I teach the mindset and skillset to take 6-figure earners to a 7-figure net worth (on the balance sheet!) 

I’m also a mom of two, an avid runner, some would say a reading and learning addict, an obnoxiously loud and frequent laugher, and a woman on a big mission. 

With Ron

Ron Lynch is a unique creative force in the marketing industry. As of 2014 he had written, directed and executive produced over 90 long form commercials and 300 traditional short form television ads. He has won numerous Telly’s and ERA awards including “Best Infomercial of the Year”. He has helped entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies alike build brands through direct sales via television and the web. Brands like GoPro, Johnson & Johnson, Valvoline, and much more.

Ron currently consults for a variety of consumer companies, does success coaching for elite marketers and frequently speaks at Universities as an expert in the Direct Response field. Additionally, he is an accomplished author and screenwriter.

With Jerremy

Jerremy guides humans through an emotional journey with their money, their stock account, and their crypto purchases, to ensure radical life changes!  He helps his clients make the proper tweaks in their mindset, their hearts, and their bank account to receive all they cherish! Jerremy started his investment career at the ripe age of 11… and it all started because of the infamous: Forest Gump. He has an incredible story and has so much to share with the world and does just that. He teaches the proper mindset you must have to be successful in the stock and crypto space. 

But, the know-how is just as important. Jerremy is here to guide us through both the skillset and mindset of stock and crypto investing. 

With Jordan

Jordan Hall helps coaches, consultants, and agency owners grow their businesses MUCH differently than most. If you’re someone that just wants to focus on your craft, while getting paid at the upper limits of what you thought possible, by working exclusively with a handful of the absolute best clients, who pay the MOST and complain the LEAST, Jordan is your guy. Jordan ignored all the cookie-cutter, treadmill advice for the masses and pioneered a simple, highly-profitable lifestyle business that brings him more opportunity than he could ever handle.

Jordan is also an expert in Cryptocurrency investing and brings his multi-faceted expertise to the table when helping his clients achieve business and wealth success.

With Mark

As the President and CEO of Enlow & Associates, Mark Enlow has guided the most forward-thinking companies to global success. His focus is cultivating strong partnerships with small, mid-sized, Fortune 500, and Fortune 100 clients across the industrial, technology, consumer, and service sectors.

He was instrumental in rebuilding AlliedSignal by placing 169 candidates in the organization, which proved key to positioning it for a lucrative $15B sale.

Mark set himself apart from the rest when his significant business success coincided with his wealth building. 

With Jennifer

Jennifer Love is a wealth philosopher, money therapist and the founding CEO of The Living Wealthy Institute. She is a sought after advisor to world leaders and an international speaker, author and educator weaving the aspects of our humanity into her garden conversation about the nature of wealth.

On a given day, Jennifer can be found diving deep with a leader in a private money therapy session, guiding groups of leaders through workshops and retreats, serving as a judge for events like Startup Weekend, on stage sharing her research and views as a Wealth Philosopher, or preparing entrepreneurs to land a deal on Shark Tank.