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Wise Money Business Planning '23 Workshop


Congratulations! In just 60 seconds you can secure your spot in the Wise Money Business Planning Workshop. 

“Operators are tired.
Owners are rich.” It’s time to act like a real CEO. 

*Hint Hint: Owner’s plan… 

During this 2 day workshop, you will learn and follow my personal business/life planning blueprint. You will not only learn the important Business Owner Fundamentals and universal principles that must be followed and applied to build and sustain businesses, but you will also walk away with a full business plan for 2023. Which yes, is informed by your own personal financial Life Plan. You’ll establish

  • Your 2023 business vision
  • Financial targets
  • A clear, understanding of your current reality
  • The gap between where you are and where you need to go in your business 
  • The Top 4 Problems that are the obstacles in your way of getting to where you want to go 
  • How to build the right machine (Leverage, Optics, and Structure) that will work to reach your target while overcoming obstacles 
  • How to track progress and continue plan-ING in 2023

Wow. I'm thrilled you are here. No matter where you are financially you've done something 99% of the population won't. And that's investing in yourself, your financial future, and ultimately true Sovereignty. Welcome to the other side. One where there are answers, a plan, wealth and freedom. I look forward to taking on this journey with you.

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December 12th & 13th (2 Day Virtual Event)

*After you purchase your ticket, a Client Success Team Member will be in touch with you. You will receive an event workbook, the full agenda, and a detailed email regarding all additional event information.*