DECEMBER 1ST, 2022 - 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM CT

Future-Selfing: Anti-Goal Setting Workshop for 2023

In this 90-minute workshop, I will give you my personal blueprint for what I call: “Future-Selfing”. 

We will cover:

  • The 8 steps to creating a yearly “life plan” that actually works 
  • How to move from a business “operator to owner” allowing you to go from tired to rich 
  • How to set targets versus goals and ensure you’ll hit them 
  • How to dance with the metaphysical and practical ways of creating anything you want 
  • How to reverse-engineer your business plan into your life plan 
  • And more… 

I believe goal setting is just another myth

something we are told to do to achieve a better life

The truth is that setting goals are something you can see. Targets are something you can hit. And even establishing your targets is one small piece of what it takes to move the needle. 

I am fascinated by human potential, success, failure, and experience. I find it perplexing that half the population sets New Year’s Resolutions (goals).

Yet only a tiny fraction stays true to the effort required beyond 30 days, let alone get anywhere close to achieving them.  

I was a victim of this myth for a least a decade.

Each year I’d set those lofty goals only to find myself nowhere close at year-end. Only to do the cycle all over again thinking next year will be the year I hit the proverbial jackpot. 

It was only through my spiritual awakening that came out of my health crisis that I was able to finally ‘see’ the flawed logic to goal setting

And that was my end to goal setting.

And, the beginning of all of my dreams and aspirations coming true. I still find it hard to believe what I’ve accomplished since. Mostly because I don’t spend much time thinking of my achievements anymore because I now immerse myself in the full-on experience of the NOW of my life journey. Some days are high. Some days are low.

But life is magical and grand when you watch your dreams become reality right before your eyes. When you contrast where you’ve been to where you are. When you realize your growth looking back on who you were compared to who you are. Mmmmhmmm. The juice of life-ing! 

RSVP to my Anti-Goal Setting technique for creating a Big Bold Life. I’ve pretty much created anything I’ve ever desired. 

In 90 minutes, I’ll show you how I’ve done it. And, what I’ll do to manifest my iteration of dreams in 2022. 

I could've stopped there. The period after 2022.

But, my daughter and business partner, Macy, shared this with me this morning,

“Mom, you don’t speak of your accomplishments. I know you are humble, but I think it’s important that you share them so that you can inspire others as to what is possible … you have done and achieved more than many will do in their lifetime. In the midst of struggle, failure, and hurt. How and what I think is worth mentioning…”  

So here goes. A few things I’ve manifested.

Keeping in mind that I started my life in the trailer home (see pic below). A beginning with very little love and lots of dysfunction. I (obviously) didn’t grow up with money. Nor did I marry it. I created it. I’m a single woman today who, through passion, grit, determination, resilience, and a lot of luck has built a small empire that I’m proud of. That changed the trajectory from generational poverty to generational wealth. 

As I said, I’ve pretty much created anything I’ve ever desired. And it wasn’t luck. Believe it or not, I have a method to my madness and goal-setting isn’t it.

Future-Selfing is. 

10 ACCOMPLISHMENTS I’m proud of (in no specific order):

Build a Life by Design with me

I swear by this ritual. I’ve done it every year for 15 years.

I started in a trailer home, and today – not only am I a financially independent multi-millionaire – but, I pinch myself regularly to realize that my life is this good.

And, I know that it’s not by accident. It’s by design! I truly have manifested everything I’ve ever dreamed of… and, I still feel I’m just getting started on what’s possible.

I claim it’s this process (combined with regular check-ins throughout the year) that has enabled me to create this life and live my purpose.

It’s available to all of us! If we design it this way, that is! 

Register Below! 

No matter what you do next, the choice is entirely yours.