Hi, I'm Krisstina!

I’m a mom of two, an avid runner, some would say a reading and learning addict, an obnoxiously loud and frequent laugher, and a woman on a big mission. 

Ensuring you build a life of Sovereignty Wealth Health Design

So where did this all begin? In order to properly explain where this truly began I suppose I need to start with, well… me? I, Krisstina, began in Arizona in what some would call a quaint home. A trailer home. And before you roll your eyes thinking you’re going to hear the same “rags to riches” story with a predicted happy ending of “So you can do it too,” don’t 🙂 Although, those really are the stories worth paying attention to.

Spoiler alert...my story is somewhat of a rags to riches, and yes you can do it too. But the main point of my story is that you don't have to. You don't need to start from the ground up (literally) more than three times. You don't need to lose millions of dollars. You don't need to almost lose your life. You don't need to jeopardize relationships and work to build them again. You don't need to read every book that even hints at mentioning money. You don't need to watch some of your businesses fail and some of them be wildly successful. And mainly, you don't need to be an expert on money.

The things is.. there’s a difference between being Sovereign, being an expert and just making things hard on yourself. You don’t have to be a fitness trainer to be fit. You also don’t have to “learn the hard way” that running everyday may not get you your sought after fitness results. Just a little education will help with that. I believe, the right amount of valuable education creates Sovereignty. Enough for you to be confident, competent and in control to achieve the results you desire. Sure if you follow my story from start to finish you’ll likely get similar results. But why would you? 

Maybe you’re thinking, “What are these results? Who are you? What have you built and why am I still reading about you without even knowing these answers…?” 

Well hi again, I’m krisstina wise. 

After growing up in poverty with two absentee parents in a trailer home, I vowed never to live in lack. Through sheer force of will, I pushed through challenges to learn from the best and brightest mentors in the world, like Gary Keller, who personally mentored me as I grew my reputation in real estate. 

I hit what most would call the pivotal top of real estate. I had made it… or at least I thought I had. As an international speaker and the award-winning author of the Amazon Best-Seller Falling for Money. Named one of the 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders in the country, being featured in USA TODAY, Apple, Contactually, and Evernote. 

And then the unspeakable happened. 

In 2013 I experienced a life-threatening illness and to spare you of all the details I’ll skip to how I saved my life… spending about half a million dollars. You read that right. To regain my health and life I had to spend a s*** ton of money. Which means I had to have it.

I also had to have a fighting body. Hope. Love. And as "woo woo" as you may be or not, I also made a promise to mother U as I was on my death bed. That if I was given another chance I would teach others what I had learned and the systems I had created around building wealth. Those that single-handedly saved my life and provided for my family. Those that allowed me to lose millions (because I’ve made every money mistake there is) and build it back again. But what else did I learn?

Money matters more than anything but it's not about the money.

Money is just money. But money is what allowed me to keep my greatest asset: my body. 

But I also learned, the hard way, that there is a lot that money isn’t. 

Before this discovery, I believed that earning a high income would make me rich. I also believed achievement and attainment would make me happy. And that I could trade my health for wealth. Without consequence.

These beliefs worked for a long time. Until they didn’t. Despite following all the money and success rules touted by the most notorious teachers, I experienced catastrophic breakdowns in both wealth and health. I went broke following conventional money and “retirement” doctrine. I nearly died by following mainstream beliefs about health and trusting the tenets of conventional medicine. Happiness was nowhere in the equation. Because I could only be happy when… (insert next accomplishment).

My discovery happened on my death bed. When you’re facing death, you don’t care about your achievements, success, money in the bank, possessions, or toys. You want one thing. Your health back. And with that realization comes regret. Regret for not living. For caring about things that don’t matter. For giving a damn about what other people think. For not spending more time with loved ones. Not to mention the unspoken… an excruciating fear of dying.

But I was given the chance I asked for. It was at that point that I tossed conventional wisdom in the trash and went in search of the real truths behind money and health… for the purpose of fulfillment and happiness. On this journey, I discovered another essential truth. 

You must sacrifice your health to succeed. But you can’t sacrifice your health for success.

Now I live my own life at the intersection of these paradoxes, and I’m happy to report that I’m healthy, wealthy, and happy. 10x more than ever before.

And the irony? I put in a fraction of the “hard work,” effort, and angst required by my conventional life before. 

Would you like to know these newfound truths that completely bust conventional thinking? What would it feel like to work less, stress less, and have 10x more wealth, health, and happiness?

It’s truly my life’s work to provide this education, through WealthyWellthy, Inc and the Wise Money™ School (Formally known as Sovereignty Academy). 

What is WealthyWellthy?

WealthyWellthy is a new perspective. A life architecture company. Designed to help you find the intersection of financial wealth and vibrant health.

Many of us sacrifice one for the sake of the other. But both are required to live a good life. WealthyWellthy is the container showing you how to make millions and feel like a million bucks. At the same time. So that you can take charge of money, health, and happiness. And live life on your terms.

The Wise Money School is a division of Wealthy Wellthy. The “money school” we never had but all needed.

If you’re a business owner ready to dive deep and go all in to radically transform your wealth trajectory and your business, it’s time to enroll as a student of the Wise Money School. 

It’s where smart business owners get access to the most innovative ways
to grow and scale their business, build wealth, and create a legacy.

What is the Wise Money School?