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The Campus is the community of CURBS alums who wish to continue their study with Krisstina to deepen the learning, fully integrate the CURBS system, and stay connected to others who are in the practice. 

Welcome to The Campus!

The Campus is where we meet to keep the money conversation going after CURBS. Think of it as your “Money Gym” — it’s where we go to grow our wealth-building muscle.

More than an online community, The Campus offers 5 live Zoom work sessions per month, where CURBS alums can continue their study with Krisstina to deepen their learning, fully integrate the CURBS system, and stay connected to others who are in the practice.

Inside of The Campus live Zoom work sessions you’ll get lessons on investing, a place to implement your sweeps and catch up on your homework with our quiet co-working hours, access to help with Quickbooks from Wealthy Wellthy bookkeepers, and more.

As a member of The Campus, you get access to our money professor, Krisstina. Outside of CURBS and CURBS for Business, this is the only way to have direct contact with Krisstina and her million-dollar advice.

So... let's get to it. What you get access to:

Bi-Weekly Office Hours & Q&A

⭐Krisstina opens her office every other Thursday

Krisstina will answer the best questions she received over the past week 

⭐ Bring your offer, idea, or problem 

Pick Krisstina’s brain for all of your business, investment, and money questions  

Bi-Weekly Co-Working

This is a 60-minute quiet time every other Monday at noon CT to get together and do the work

⭐This “study hall” is your accountability session to complete your reconciliation, sweeps, and completing your CURBS program!

It’s your place to practice your new money mindset and to integrate your new habits and practices that lead to long term health and wellness in your home and business bank accounts 

Also… come do your CURBS homework with your fellow students! 

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Monthly CURBS Reconciliation Coaching

Consult with a Wealthy Wellthy bookkeeper

⭐ Get help with your burning QBO questions

Gain a deeper understanding of how to apply the CURBS method inside QBO

Ask the Experts

⭐ Krisstina brings her peers and mentors to the Campus as part of a Campus Labs series.

You can ask her millionaire network about things like tax strategies, investment vehicles, marketing tactics, etc.

Unlimited Q&A via Campus Messaging

⭐ Ask your questions through Campus Conversations and a Wealthy Wellthy Team Member will answer any and all questions you send our way

Join now!

Make the decision today to join Wise Money Campus. Be a part of something great.


Start TODAY For $250

One Small Commitment Gives You Access To A Huge Community!!


Pay Month-to-Month
$ 250 Monthly
  • Bi-Weekly Office Hours & Q&A
  • Bi- Weekly Co-Working
  • Ask the Expert
  • Unlimited Q&A via Campus Messaging
  • The Campus App
  • Cancel Anytime with this package
  • You get all the above plus continued access to CURBS in your online portal.

12 Month Paid In Full

Pay Once Annually
$ 2400
  • Save $600 plus these two bonuses when you pay in full for a year.
  • Retake CURBS (and/or CURBS for Business) as often as you’d like – with the same benefits including a 1:1 consult with Krisstina with each program enrollment
  • Investment Club: Added to Krisstina's private Investment Opportunities list – Krisstina will connect you with personally anytime a vetted investment opportunity passes across her desk

** Compare that to Krisstina's Consulting fees: A 1on1 strategy session starts at $550, and a VIP experience starts at $4500

Campus Calendar

Money Talks


John Briggs
Ron Macklin
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Eric Francom
Eli Facenda
Eli Facenda
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Kim Butler
Lisa Thomas
Lisa Thomas

Frequently Asked Questions

Wise Money is for micro-business owners craving the knowledge and community to build their business, their balance sheet, and their personal wealth. 

You’ll gain access to our Private Online Community. You’ll create your personal profile and jump right in to your new tribe.

Monthly memberships can cancel at any time by notifying us via email. Annual memberships, if you wish to cancel, will be refunded on a prorated basis.

A student of WM is one that is enrolled in one of our courses and actively learning through our wealth, business and investment education. A member is an individual who is active on “Campus” by attending labs and having access to our private community and network. 

There are separate spaces cultivated for specific conversations and individuals. You’ll have full access to the entire “member directory.” You’ll be able to know everyone on Campus, put a face to the name, and learn about them on their personal profile. 

Direct messaging is also available. It’s one thing to see everyone on campus and actually be able to communicate one-on-one and form everlasting relationships with members, students, alumni, faculty and Wise Money Team members.

Email us at support@wealthywellthy.life

Wise Money™

The Money “University” that provides education, conversation, and community centered around wealth, business, and investing.