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Starting with this current CURBS Cohort, I thought it would be fun to share a few takeaway’s from our weekly live group calls! This way, you can get an idea of what we discuss, learn, and do .. and I believe you will pick up valuable nuggets along the way!  In CURBS, we start the […]

My Health Journey … again. 

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*Stick around till the end. This has a point! Other than just keeping you updated with everything “Krisstina” ;)*  About a year ago I started getting recurrent UTIs. At first, they were about 3 months apart. Towards the end, they recurred about every 30 days. And, finally – it felt as though they never went […]

“Operators are tired, owners are rich.” 

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Let me share something with you that’s shocking – to me anyway …. There are only 40 days left in 2023. Wowsers!  I was talking to a good friend of mine last week about this – how we couldn’t believe that we are at the end of another year. I asked her how she felt […]

A Story: The 3 buckets of life

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Hi!  On my day to celebrate life, love, and accomplishment over the past year (AKA my birthday)… I did a good amount of reflecting.  I realized it’s been 9 years since I went through my near-death health crisis. I don’t think about that time often – I’ve mostly wanted to forget it – but, I’ve […]

What’s a BIG Red Flag in Prospective Clients?

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I heard something when I was younger…  A much older (and wiser) prominent speaker talked from the stage about Red Flags to pay attention to when it comes to marketing to new clients. Or, better said, prospective clients.   There was a list of things, but one red flag that stood out to me was: Someone whose first question […]

Trailer home to 10 million dollars… Would you do it if you could?

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If you had a chance … would you like to ask a person who started in a trailer home and then went on to amass an 8-figure NET WORTH their secrets to financial independence and success?  If you answered yes, here’s your chance. “Krisstina, how did you start in a trailer home and go on […]

This should be your new favorite number…

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[First Name], Remember growing up how you had to have a “favorite” everything… Favorite color. Favorite Animal. Favorite Food. Favorite number… That one is my personal favorite… the favorite number. Having a favorite color makes sense. It’s pleasing to you visually and maybe makes you feel something when you see it. And having a favorite […]

How Millionaires become Millionaires 101:

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Have you ever wondered what you should invest in? You know, that magic investment that will make you wealthy? Out of all of the questions I get about money, this is what I hear most often: “Krisstina, what should I invest in?” And, those inquiring about enrolling in my Wise Money School ask: “does this […]

A 10 Minute Practice That Will Change Your Life

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I remember when I was in my mid-twenties… and even thirties. A formidable time when I was new to my career and business. And, I had a lot to learn. Spoiler: I ended up taking advice, adopting beliefs and mindsets that in the long run, didn’t really serve me. I eventually created my own “advice”, […]

Coffee w/ Krisstina: October Edition

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Hello! Here is this October’s edition of Coffee w/Krisstina (& Macy😉) Grab your cup of Java and listen in to the comings and goings of all things Wealthy Wellthy & Sovereignty Academy. CwK is sharing my goals and reflections with you as we share this journey together. Here you go — the October’s Coffee w/Krisstina VLOG […]