85% of businesses fail...

Let’s make sure you’re not one of them. 

If you are tired of the hustle, the grind, and not making enough money in your business… This program is for you. 

I hear business owners tell me constantly...

I want a 7-figure business

18 months ago, I was confused and overwhelmed, and I didn’t realize how I’d spent my life giving away my financial power and sovereignty. In only 18 months, I 5x’d my income, decreased my debt by half, and got a 97x ROI on my investment with the WiseMoney team.

When’s the last time you got an ROI like that? Krisstina exposed me to her step-by-step system, a team, and a new way of thinking. I shifted the direction of my company and tripled sales. We created a plan and process in our personal lives and in our business life that allowed us to pay off $85,000 in debt. My husband was even able to take a 9-month sabbatical.
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Maruxa Murphy
Business and Community Coach

Most Business Owners Think






I’ve found most business owners get into business for three reasons




By the time they make their way to me,
they’re only succeeding at
one of three: Impact. 

They’re making an impact on the world. 

But, they don’t have time freedom and no matter how much money they make, they have nothing to “show for it”.

So, what’s the answer?  

Before CURBS For Business I felt scattered in my business and didn’t feel confident in my ability to make business decisions. I wasn’t giving employees raises or benefits and the business was running on a loss. They now all have retirement plans, health coverage, and bonuses. We went from running at a net loss (which I wasn’t aware of) to now having a 35% profit margin. I was able to then go start another business. I was able to increase revenue in both businesses even during COVID...
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Dinuka Ranasignhe
CEO at The Parenting Evolution

Become a business owner. Not an entrepreneur.

There is a difference between an entrepreneur and a business owner. 

Anyone can claim to be an entrepreneur. Leave your corporate job and hang your own shingle. That counts. 

A business owner, as the name implies, owns something. They own a business. 

So, what is a business? It’s an operational system. 

An entrepreneur is a creator, a visionary and a risk taker. He or she is willing to bet on themselves for the potential of a greater reward. But a creative, smart, hard-working entrepreneur doesn’t automatically make a successful business owner. 

A business owner might be quite entrepreneurial but they are more than that. They learn the underpinnings of a business and run the business as a true business operation. They are very concerned with the financials and are less concerned about revenue and the size of the business and more concerned about the profitability of it.. 

I spent 10 years at $50,000/year studying business with a group called the Aji Network. I learned the language, concerns, mechanics, operations and design of business. During my tenure at Aji Network, I built several multi-million dollar businesses. In addition, I built my personal wealth aside from building my businesses. I built them both at the same time–alongside one another. Study-Apply. Study-Apply. Study-Apply. 

Since my days as a student, I’ve built my financial freedom. That means I have the wealth (asset income) that pays for the cost of my lifestyle. And, I’m at a stage of life where I’ve proven myself [with the financial resources to back it up]. I’ve graduated from being a student to having become a teacher. 

With the last name of Wise, I supposed I was destined to teach and share wisdom, so here I am.

I teach what I know how to do. I teach entrepreneurs how to become rich and wealthy business owners. I teach you how to do what I’ve done. Step by Step.

Bottom line. To create consistent profitability in your business you have to know your numbers. Every number that exists on your P&L. It can be painful at first because you have to look at the truth dead in the face.

It’s easy to hide behind big revenue and sales numbers. But the truth is – making a 6 or 7-figure top line (revenue) does not mean YOU have any money. 

You have to look at all of your money numbers. Most importantly your bottom line (profit). And, then you work from there (bottom-up versus top-down).

What I’ve found with entrepreneurs – they are Quick Starts with Creative Personalities. But, they hate looking at their numbers. So they don’t.

They will look at sales and client numbers but NEVER at their P&L report. Ever! They assume someone else is doing that. 

They focus on creating, teaching, selling, helping and growing. But, don’t bother them with the numbers. 

The more they sell, the harder they work, the more they create… the less they have to show for it?

They cringe when anyone (like me) asks about the financials of their business and say they’re not good with numbers and that doing so will stomp their vision?  

They continue to HIRE more people – expensive people – believing that more consultants, more coaches, and more masterminds will somehow fix the business (that isn’t paying them enough money).

The business brings in a lot of money so they don’t believe they need to focus on profitability.  

Their only money strategy is: “Scale the business! Make more money!” This means they keep hiring and spending more money to “grow” the business.  

The problem they have is that the more money they spend is more money THEY lose.

Countless entrepreneurs I talk to are excited to tell me about their successful launches and record sales, but when I ask them how profitable the launch was, it’s crickets. They have no idea.

All those clients helped, all those lives changed, all the time spent, all those programs created, and all those sales – yet not a penny to show for it. 

On the outside, they look like a huge success with a thriving business. 

Many of them are selling their perceived success to you in the form of an expensive program.

But, on the inside, the business is losing money like crazy. Not to mention there are big financial problems at home! 

They are successful “appearing people” making lots of money but they are not as successful as you think in actual business.

They don’t know their numbers. They are not making enough money. They are not financially successful. 

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You’re an entrepreneur that’s finally discovered that wealth is built in the household not the business 
  • You understand that your business is just leverage to make more income in your household
  • You now see your business strategy and operations need to be re-established for sustainability and wealth building, not for ultimate scale and growth 
  • You want to know how much profit (and therefore top-line revenue) is required for YOU to hit your “enough number” 
  • You know deep down you’ve avoided your business finances and have not created strong business fundamentals built on a strong foundation
  • You’ve been so focused on marketing and sales that you’ve neglected other (pivotal) parts of your business  
  • You reinvest everything back into the business for more Growth while going deeper into debt and/or robbing your personal savings?
  • You truly know that “You don’t know what you don’t know” and you’re tired of feeling like you’re on a launch-to-launch hamster wheel… for the sake of what? 
  • You’re excited about being a bona fide business owner, not just a good sales or marketing person 
  • You’re ready to re-define success in your business and walk with confidence that your business provides what it’s supposed to (Impact, Time Freedom, and Wealth) 


CURBS™ For Business

My signature CURBS for Business System builds the infrastructure for your business to have sustainable six-figure profitability 

CURBS for Business keeps small business owners out of the 85% that fail. It creates sustainable businesses that give you the three things you truly desire…  

To make an impact. To have time freedom AND to have true wealth. 


By the time you complete CURBS for Business, you’ll have a complete business financial blueprint, business cashflow system and overall business strategy that will create the profitably and business direction you so badly desire.

Most OTHER Business Coaches And Courses Help Businesses Scale or Grow their Topline… 

This likely won’t help you in the long run. Because if you have a $1M dollar business but it cost you $1,000,001 to make it, it’s irrelevant. 

A mantras I want you to write down…

"Higher revenues does not mean higher wealth. Yet business owners spend a fortune (time, energy and money) trying to scale…"

In case you’re wondering exactly what’s included in Curbs for Business, I’m glad you asked!

Here's What's Included:

Within 6 months of taking CURBS and CURBS For Business, I was able to 4x my income in 6 months and double my revenue in my business. I’ll far surpass these numbers with the trajectory I am on. I’m building the wealth I desire. I finally invest in my health the way I’ve always wanted to. I’m purchasing my first real estate property next year.

Knowing how far I’ve come since we’ve first started, the price for CURBS and CURBS for Business is more than worth it. The value is tremendous. I can’t thank Krisstina and Macy enough.
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Trey Kauffman
Owner at Mosaic Life

If you're Type A like my daughter, you want to know all the details

Here's a breakdown of each module inside the wise money curbs program

the Curriculum

Module 1 covers onboarding and getting familiar with the program interface, the others in your group, and office hours.

It also focuses on your current business mindsets, targets, tactics and their origination. You’ll experience the crucial mindset shifts toward ones of abundance and Financial Sovereignty, which apply to both your business and your household. Each of these foundational concepts you’ll work at your entire life to master, but each time you revisit this material, you’ll meet yourself at a different place in your growth and evolution.

You’ll leave this module knowing how to cultivate a powerful, spiritual, and energetic– yet effective– mindset following a specific and influential framework. 

Time: 2-3 hours


Module 2 is all about financial and business sovereignty.

Sovereignty is a word that holds a lot of meaning and power to me. In the world of achieving financial freedom, bio-hacking to live forever, dating apps to find true love, and the endless seeking of personal development — I’ve always felt there is something missing.

There was a conversation, a focus, and a WORD missing through all these endeavors.

The word is Sovereign.

We all know this word Sovereign — but what does it really mean? What does it mean to be a Sovereign being?

What’s covered in the Sovereign Business Mind:

  • What “Sovereignty” means, and more importantly, what it means to YOU
  • What you need to overcome to achieve Financial Sovereignty
  • Why money is not the source of your problems
  • The 10 most common fatal mistakes that business owners are making
  • The Laws and Truths about money that work for (or against) you
  • The difference between Income and Wealth
  • How to think like a business owner

Time: 2-3 hours

Module 3 is focuses on your holistic business plan. You’ll walk away with an 8-tab Strategy Spreadsheet for your business financial plan with it’s accompanied strategy, and metric tracking dashboard. 

What’s covered: 

  • The Holistic Business Planning Spreadsheet and the Holy Grail Business Strategy Dashboard 
  • Why revenue doesn’t equate to wealth
  • How to leverage your business to match your needs in your household business
  • What your Financial Sovereignty Number is
  • How to use “The Enough Formula” to discover exactly how much Revenue, Profit, and Income your business needs to create. As well as how many leads and sales with the strategy to accomplish your goals. 

Time: 2-3 hours 

Module 4 focuses on the 5 Master Categories of Business Money, Categorical Distinctions and Business Infrastructure. 

You’ll learn how to distinguish between things like Revenue vs Income, Cost vs Expenses, Price vs Value, Income vs Wealth, and much more. 

You’ll learn the depths of marginal utility as well the executive functions vs operational functions of a business and how to strategic lead these functions of your business. 

You’ll define your fundamental offer, why you’re valuable, what components of trust you have and the 9 needed skills of every business owner. 

What’s covered: 

  • The master categories of business
  • The fatal assumption of young businesses and business owners
  • The categorical distinctions of all important business terminology
  • The 5 components every business must have if it’s going to work and make money
  • The above and below the line functions/parts of a strong business infrastructure 
  • The three crucial determinants of value in your business

Time: 3-4 hours

Module 5 focuses on the business Profit & Loss. First, how to read it and more importantly how to make strategic business decisions using it. 

To do so, you’ll begin by Uncovering where you’re currently at financially in your business. We’ll take a look at all of your business cashflow! 

What’s covered: 

  • Where to uncover the revealing truths about the state of your business 
  • How to uncover which cash outflow is Essential vs. Non-Essential 
  • What of your business spending is serving your top line revenue and how to calculate ROEs. 
  • What activities in your business are sinking your profits 
  • The overall story told by the your Profit & Loss as well as your Balance Sheet 

Time: 3-4 hours

Module 4 focuses on business cash flow ratios and margins. 

You’ll learn sound financial benchmarks to set for your business cash flow. Meaning, you’ll learn what percentage of your revenue should be allocated to Cost of Sales, Sales and Wages, Marketing/Advertising, Operations/Technology, Other Expenses, Business Reinvestment, Education and Retained Earnings. 

You’ll also discover health margins to work toward. Those margins being Gross Profit Margin, Operating Expense Margin, and Net Profit Margin. 

What’s covered: 

  • How your business cashflow should be proportionately distributed against revenue 
  • The ideal business cashflow ratio 
  • How your cashflow is currently flowing as a percentage of revenue
  • The three main business cashflow margins to watch/track and the benchmark for each
  • How to develop your own cashflow ratio based on your unique business  revenue 
  • What numbers you want and need to know in your business at all times! 

Time: 3-4 hours

Module 5 focuses on the structure of your business and it’s operations. 

You’ll ensure your business is set up properly and strategically. To ensure you’re ready to begin making strategic business decisions, financially and otherwise, you’ll complete an extensive business checklist. 

What’s covered:

  • Each sequential step to setting up your strong business foundation (Financially and/or operationally) 
  • What new account(s) to set up under your business for ultimate strategic and proportionate business cashflow 
  • How to ensure your business financial system is set up and organized for success 
  • The process of sweeping within your business 
  • A phased out calendar approach to instilling your new business management practices 

Time: 4-5 hours

Module 8 is solely focused on building and documenting your holistic business strategy. 

We spend 4 weeks on this module alone. Filled with lectured content, written exercise, and live-hot seats where you’ll pitch your offer, challenge and plan with access to feedback from your mastermind LIVE! 

You’ll start with the end in mind by addressing your business exit strategy. 

You’ll then determine your strategies in each of the 5 Pillars of the Customer Journey Infrastructure — Lead Generation, lead Nurture, Lead Conversion, Client Fulfillment and Client Relationship. 

This includes a 2 year Master Plan Overview. 

During these 4-weeks you’ll understand the lifesylce of a new offer, how to create one, how to price it and how to understand capital, access to capital and capital structures. 

You’ll complete this module by learning a “Freedom From Scale” model — what we call the Conscious Growth Model by stair-stepping your way to business success. 

What’s Covered:

  • The 5 main exit strategies available to business owners 
  • The difference between brand compounding and compounding interest 
  • Why most lifestyle businesses don’t have a sellable exit 
  • How you win the money and wealth game
  • What leverage and assets are in a business 
  • What keeps most business owners stuck in the grind & on the paycheck-to-paycheck hamster wheel 
  • The 5 pillars of business strategy to focus and build on weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually– and how to focus and build on them 

Time: 4-5 hours 


I found that even the best business owners leave too much money on the table by being improperly formed as an entity or entity structure, paying too much in taxes, not establishing strong business credit, having limited access to capital, and being under-protected. 

Also, where many small businesses run into trouble is being underfunded as a result of not having access to capital. 

And, finally, a good number of entrepreneurs work hard in their business for the sake of their family, but they don’t have an estate plan, which in the event of an unexpected death, could financially wipe out a family. Most people know they need these things, but it’s inconvenient, stressful, and expensive. 

Since these are all parts of wealth creation, I want my students and clients to not only have the knowledge, tools, and skills to build a great business but to build wealth – which means saving money on taxes, having access to credit, and having an estate plan, without breaking the bank on hiring these services. 

As part of CURBS for Business, you can finally have all of these services done for you, at a sizable discount and a one-stop-shop. You can finally knock these things off your list of “shoulds” as part of the work you will complete in the program. 

  • FREE Business Strategy Session – this is a call where our partner business consultants listen to your current business and setup. They will ascertain where you need asset protection, tax savings opportunities and credit development 
  • 1 year of support from a Corporate Advisor assigned for 1-1 growth and questions 

A good number of the entrepreneurs I coach are not set up as powerfully as they could be when it comes to entity structure. The wrong choice can affect tax benefits, financial liability and the ability to secure funding. It’s important to set up your entity correctly from the get go, but equally important as you grow financially and add assets and additional business entities to the mix. You want to create an entity hierarchy for the best protection and tax benefits. This means, as your business and personal wealth grows, your entity structure should grow with it. If not, you are likely leaving a lot of money on the table. 

What you get: 

  • Comprehensive review of the different types of business entities and what is the best entity structure for your specific situation
    • LLC, Scorp, Ccorp
  • Consultation on the best overall entity structure for your long term goals
    • Set up a holding company and stack other businesses inside the structure 
  • Entity Setup
    • Secretary of State Filing, IRS Filing, Articles of Organization, EIN Number, Operating Agreement legally prepared, Resolutions, Access to a list of 250 tax deductions 

Save an average of $2000 on Tax Planning Services + the actual Tax Savings *

It’s not what you make but what you keep. I notice that small business owners pay an average $10,000 too much in taxes every year. This is a result of having “dirty books” (that we clean up in CURBS) combined with poor tax prep. A significant piece of wealth creation is on the tax strategy side. Don’t give the government any more dollars than you have to. Instead, get our help with business and personal tax filings. 

Capitalize on long-term funding solutions. As a legally formed business, you have a separate credit profile that helps you fund your ventures. With a great credit score, you can access large limit loans and credit cards with low interest rates. 

  • 8 one-on-one personal credit coaching sessions including an initial analysis and strategy session, 12 months of inbound support, business credit file set up and Registrations, Set up Initial credit accounts, Obtain a Paydex Score, Opportunity to apply for advanced credit accounts including balance transfer options and zero percent accounts 
  • Personal credit Advice and Guidance in support of Business Credit 

Building wealth is only half the job. Protecting your Wealth and building a legacy are equally important. Every adult needs an estate plan. Especially a business owner. 

  • Will – everyone needs a will. Especially if you have a spouse and/or children. A wil allows you to name guardians who will care for your little ones should something happen to you. It also allows you to authorize a Trust to distribute the assets. A will alone, however, is not sufficient
  • Trust – a Trust is a non-probate instrument. This means it does not have to involve the courts to distribute the assets of the estate or pay off creditors. Trusts also allow you to include provisions on how the assets are distributed. This is something a will cannot do alone 

Services include: Funding and transferring Assets into the Trust, Successor Trustee Instructions, Changes, General & Health Powers, General Power of Attorney. Health Care Directives. 

Still have questions about CURBS for Business?

If you’re still reading this, you might be wondering, “Is this really going to help me make more money in the long run?” 

Look, if you’re not getting the results you want in your business, then something needs to change.

If you’re tired of feast and famine months and making more money, but still never having more money, then it’s time to finally change that. 

The way I teach you to “make more money” is counter-conventional and often doesn’t require any top-line business growth. 

This program will help you HAVE more money — regardless of top-line revenue. 

What we’ll cover in our 16-weeks together will focus on how to run a profitable business, ensure it’s sustainable and build a business strategy and plan, THAT WORKS to pay you MORE.  

Hands down, coaching has been the one thing that has transformed my life and my business and I’m sharing everything I learned (the hard way) with you.

And the good news is, not only will you learn it in a fraction of the time (I spent 10+ years!), but you’ll also get it for a fraction of the investment I made. 

Your investment today is $10,000.

Now, I know many people struggle with fear when making financial investments, and you might be wondering if there’s a money-back guarantee.

Once you’re inside CURBS for Business, I know you’ll love it. 

By putting in the work, I know you’ll see results

When you jump into CURBS for Business, you make a commitment for 16 weeks to yourself, to me as your coach, and to your business. 

I’m not here for get-rich-quick schemes and there’s no such thing as an overnight success. 

You owe it to yourself and your family to build a sustainable business and therefore a legacy. 

If that’s not what you’re here to do; if you’re not willing to commit to 16 weeks, then I’d recommend finding a different program.

If you fully complete the 16 week program and still don’t see the benefit, we’ll give you your money back! 

What’s the investment in the program?

I spent 10 years at $50,000/year studying business with a group called the Aji Network. I learned the language, concerns, mechanics, operations and design of business. During my tenure at Aji Network, I built several multi-million dollar businesses. In addition, I built my personal wealth aside from building my businesses. I built them both at the same time–alongside one another. Study-Apply. Study-Apply. Study-Apply. 

Since then I’ve invested multiple 6-figures. 

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from over 20 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars, synthesized the most important components for business and placed it in a program and the investment for you is a tiny fraction of mine. 

Your investment today is $10,000.

Had I continued down the path I was on before working with Krisstina, I realized I was going to run out of money and eventually would have lost confidence in my business and probably had to let it go or shifted in a way that didn’t feel good.
Instead, I was able to pursue and keep aligned with what I want to do, in a much more strategic and effective way for my time and resources. What Macy and Krisstina have built, how they communicate, and support their students is so impressive and inspiring. I really appreciate the systems, the ease with which I can access the School, and the content.

Thank you so much Krisstina and Macy. I really love working with you and I hope everybody reading this really takes a moment to understand what they can bring to the table.
Amber Trueblood Headshot
Amber Trueblood
Author, Podcaster, Speaker, Mom

It’s time to create a business that serves YOU not just those you serve.

A business whose sole purpose is SCALE has a radically different strategy than a business whose sole purpose is GENERATE enough PROFIT to guarantee the business owner’s future wealth. 

You deserve a business that works. That’s sustainable. With a strategy unique to you

It’s time you become a CEO. 

One that understands their financial statements. Has clear direction and focus. Can see their gaps and be able to make sound and strategic business decisions. Could teach a small business course at a University NOT just a sales or marketing course. 

Your destiny is shaped by moments of decision.

Right now is one of those moments

What will you decide?

Will you continue to struggle running on the hamster wheel, hustling and grinding, and still feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and wondering where all your money is? 

Choose your trajectory. 

Business Freedom or 
Business Burnout 

Come with me…

To get started, click the button and enroll now. 

After we’ll hop on a call to get you onboarded! 

No matter what you do next, the choice is entirely yours.


CURBS for Business has changed the trajectory of my life! I’ve gone through it twice so far and will probably do it again. I learn something and get closer to my financial freedom every single time i hear this dynamic duo speak!
Angel Cellucci
Health Insurance Fraud Investigator