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Watch Money Expert Krisstina Wise and Women’s Financial Freedom Coach Penelope Jane Smith in this riveting discussion about how to build wealth.  

Krisstina shares the exponential wealth-building framework that made her – and so many of her students – Financially FREE

Krisstina has turned that framework into “The 4 Money Principles” to fast-track your path to financial freedom.


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Here is what my clients say about this exponential wealth-building framework.

“18 months ago, I was confused and overwhelmed, and I didn’t realize how I’d spent my life giving away my financial power and sovereignty. In only 18 months, I 5x’d my income, decreased my debt by half, and got a 97x ROI on my investment with the WiseMoney team.”

“I learned about financial reports, how money flows in and out of the business and household, how the two are related, and how they should work. Our 20-year marriage is better than ever because of what Krisstina has taught me. Our net worth has increased over $1.25 million in under two years -- an ROI of 156x.”

"There's no one I admire more financially than Krisstina Wise. Krisstina's program is what will get me into the 7 figures I've been aiming at but with a fraction of the work."

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