Monday Morning Commute: #207 There’s More to Cannabis w/John Malanca

Guess what?! In this week’s episode, I shared my first EVER experience with drugs…! And let’s just say it was a funny moment I will never forget. 

My guest, John Malanca, and I talked all about Cannabis for healing and this topic really hits home for me, as I’ve dealt with cancer within my family— where I witnessed the benefits that Cannabis offered my father who was dying of cancer. This experience completely changed my point of view on plant medicines. 

There’s a whole new world out there! 

John shared so many anecdotes with me that I really appreciated and got sound advice from, and I think you will find helpful information from these stories, too. 

Actually, one of John’s close friends fought cancer for 19 years— all with NON FDA approved modalities. To be surrounded by a community that is like-minded is the number one fundamental!

“I never want to give anyone false hope but I want to give people hope and options.”

— John M.; 3:42

The bigger story that John spoke about in this episode was about his experience with his father-in-law. He was battling cancer and John and his wife were incredibly active in getting him well.

For some time, his father-in-law was not eating. He just didn’t have an appetite. One of the many modalities they found helpful were freezing capsules and then cutting them into slivers to make their own dosages (because the doctor didn’t know, so they took matters into their own hands). And within just a few hours, his father-in-law was eating! By Day 2 and Day 5 he was getting a glow back in his skin.

He was doing so well that hospice fired him as a patient! He began golfing again and was overall pretty active.

Months later, they got him tested and there was NOT one sign of any diseases in his body. And he is still alive today. INCREDIBLE!

“Cannabis has 160+ cannabinoids — like wine, it has THC, CBD— they all play a role. CBD has proven to kill cancer cells. All mammals have a cannabinoids system. Cannabinoids can bring us back to homeostasis balance. However, there are lots of other ways that can bring us back into that homeostasis balance. They’re simple actions like a hug, a smile, a good conversation, a run, a bike ride, even eating ice cream! TOUCH! Touch is so important to the human body. We must feel connected.”

— John Malanca.; 25:00

“I think everyone should use some type of cannabinoid for health and wellness.”

— John Malanca

As I briefly mentioned, I’ve been around the cannabis block, but John gave me some new and really interesting perspective. He shared with me that: “CBD is also known as ‘mop weed’, like you’re mopping up a spill. And so it sucks up all the metals and pesticides and nutrients from the soil. And so they’ve done this in toxic spills, not only in the U.S. but overseas and Russia, and I believe even over in Japan as well. So, they will have a toxic spill or something in the ground and they will grow hemp, do a couple rounds, and they’ll test the soil again, and it’s clean soil!” — John Malanca; 30:03

I also learned about the major importance of sweating. John shared a fun anecdote of his friend who realized she was ALWAYS in air-conditioned rooms, and she was never sweating! “Sweating is important. Not only to get the toxins out but also with battling cancer…” — John M.; 43:45

John’s Tips:

  • If you are currently smoking cigarettes, STOP. The repercussions are NOT worth it. As he puts it:
    “When is the day to quit? Today.” — John M.; 4:28
  • Labeling + testing is really important— be sure all products you use are Certified Organic!
  • Stretching is so important! If you’re watching TV, stretch! Wherever you are, stretch as much as you can.

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