Monday Morning Commute: How to Use Your Stock Portfolio for Real Estate

Good morning! You know the best way to start your Monday? I’ll tell ya!

It’s with the shocking (yet brilliant) question: Did you know you could use your stock portfolio to buy real estate without selling any stock?! 

Well, at this point it’s no longer a question…I’m TELLING you this… now!!

Is that not incredible news or what?!

My latest guest for Episode #200 shares with us just how we can accomplish such a thing– and oh so much more.

3 Topics Mentioned in Episode: 

– Getting started in real estate investing (securing financing).

– Maintaining cash flow for opportunities (bridge loans – collateralizing your securities).

-Divesting yourself from your investment real estate (1031 into REIT also using a REIT as a point of entry for the real estate market). 

Oh, BTW– did you also know that there is a 1031 exchange option that can be a smart place to invest your money in the sale of a real estate asset?!

It keeps getting better and better, I know.

Ready to learn even more on this Monday?

Head on over to my latest episode here!

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