It’s not just any Monday. It’s CYBER MONEY! So, Happy Cyber Money I guess 🙂 

Many things interest me. But, I’m somewhat obsessed with understanding why we do what we do. Particularly when our recurrent behaviors and actions DO NOT produce the results we want.  

There is a favorite saying of mine that goes…

“continuing to do what you’ve always done will continue to get you what you’ve always got.”

This pretty much sums it up. We as humans rarely “change.” We grip on to our beliefs, thinking and behaviors but still expect different outcomes. Which reminds me of another quote we’ve all heard — this one by Albert Einstein himself —

“The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over but expect different results…” 

Why do you think we continue to do the things that don’t work? Why do we stay in the same relationships that hurt us versus lift us? Why do we regularly eat shitty food when we know it harms our body? Why do we spend our money on things that sabotage our financial security versus build it? 


Two days designed to separate you from your money. Marketing and Ad agencies skillfully convince you that if you don’t buy now, you are missing out! FOMO at its best. They are so good at separating you from your money that retailers report up to 240% and 380% increase in revenue on Black Friday and Cyber Monday respectively. 

Does this mean these days are inherently bad and to steer clear? No, I totally take advantage of the deals. I love a good deal! 

But, here are my RULES:

1. Create a Spending Allowance for Holiday Shopping
2. Categorize BF and CM as a Holiday-Gift expense line item — which means the purchases are ‘meant’ for gift buying (sure you can buy yourself a gift or two!). 
3. ONLY spend on things you would buy anyway. ← this is the important step. Otherwise, you’ll get seduced to buy anything and everything that appears to be a good deal
4. Make sure the purchase really is at a discount. For example, I know the prices of my favorite products and services. So, when I see the special price, I know it’s a rare buy. 
5. Consider purchases from local retailers or your favorite service providers. Perhaps Etsy over Amazon. 

And… drum roll. How about buying “change.”

Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to take charge of your financial destiny? 

If the answer is yes, let’s talk

Happy Shopping!


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