I know why most people have a problem with money

A lack of money is never the problem. It feels like the obvious problem. But not having enough money is the symptom of the problem. 

The problem is what’s underneath. Your Money Psychology (feelings about money). Your Money Philosophy (beliefs about money). Your Money Knowledge (understanding its laws). And, your Money Actions (habits and practices).

Becoming a millionaire requires two things:

A Millionaire Mindset (Feelings and Beliefs)
A Millionaire Skillset (Knowledge and Habits)

In other words, what you feel and believe about money has to match up with what you know and how you use it, habitually. 

Life is the product of choice. As a matter of fact, your life at this very moment is a representation of all the choices you have made to date. 

How is it that so many of us are prone to making “bad” choices, time and time again? The reason is because we adopt stories that are not true, often old stories from our childhood, that unfortunately command our lives. This shows up in all categories of life (usually referred to as baggage), and money is no exception. 

Here’s the powerful antidote: As soon as you let go of the beliefs, practices, ideas, and stories that are working against you, you regain the power of choice. And guess what? You can choose to be rich.

In my CURBS money mastery course our students do an exercise that takes a look at their money mindset which then prepares them for the rest of the course, which is where they build their money skill set. Mindset comes first because of how important it is. 

You see. I can teach you all of the money skills you need to build wealth and freedom, but, if you have negative associations or beliefs about money, either you won’t finish the program, or, you’ll sabotage your best efforts.

And vice-versa. You can work on your money mindset forever, but, if you are ignorant of the financial laws, principles and mechanics of money, the abundant mindset won’t add any wealth to your bank account.

Here are just a few questions from the exercise. I challenge you to actually take 5-10 minutes and jot down your answers: 

Simple Art Inspiration Printable Worksheet

And the finale: 

Are you ready to change those beliefs and rewrite your money story? 

Yes  <<<

No <<<

Truth: We don’t learn and change by just laying in bed by our lonesome, staring at the ceiling and thinking about these life path altering questions with truth, conviction, and attention. 

We’re humans, which means we learn and express through conversations with others. Questions are meant to be asked and answered (typically by two different people). And sometimes all you need is a sounding board. 

I’ve had my fair share of “sounding boards”. A select few that either gave me the space to simply articulate how I was feeling, where I was at, what my beliefs were and/or challenged me and asked the truly transformative questions that alone shifted my life trajectory — more than once. 

But where do you find these “sounding boards?” Ones that are able to listen, challenge, conversate and guide? Are they your friends? Your spouse? Your dog? 

Well it depends — but today I’m offering to be yours. 

A Sounding Board ← Take It

I invite you to set a money breakthrough call with me. Don’t be nervous or shy. I promise, I’m super easy to talk to. And, nothing makes me happier than listening to your story and offering my thoughts and advice. It will be worth your while. At the very least we’ll both leave the call as fast new friends.

Here’s what Laura had to say …. 

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“Taking Krisstina up on her free 30-minute consultation was one of the best things I ever did.. She’s one of the best coaches I’ve ever experienced money and otherwise.
Laura B.
Health Practitioner of Bioenergetic Medicine, Founder of Root Your Radiance

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