May 2020 Versus May 2021

Don’t underestimate what’s possible.  

My daughter, Macy, asked me a question today. She inquired, “Mom, what’s inspired you lately?” 

I reflected for a moment and recalled a conversation that I had with a coach of mine, Mark Grainger, over lunch a few days ago. Mark had asked me a similar question but more along the lines of .. “what are you most proud of coming out of Covid?”

The question caused me to think about this same time last year. 

May of 2020

… Wealthy Wellthy went from a nicely profitable cash flow business in March 2020 to being in the serious red in May because people quit buying. But I still had payroll and operating expenses. 

… My AirBNB properties went from being fully booked out for the entire year In March of 2020 to 100% cancelations in April. 

… My Commercial Building went from being a significant percentage of my monthly income in March of 2020 to a tenant that quit paying on April 1 and squatted on my property without paying rent for 8 months. Mind you, I still had to pay the lofty mortgage on the building in the amount of $10k/month. Not to mention, the tenant destroyed the property and left me with a big mess. 

… Two of my properties coincidentally went vacant in March 2020 and because of the lockdown, I couldn’t get them re-leased. But the expenses didn’t stop. 

… I was in the middle of a remodel in one of my properties and because of the lockdown, construction stopped and my furniture and other personal belongings had been left outside, unbeknownst to me, when a crew left in the middle of the night. Coincidentally, that next day it poured rain for days and thousands (tens) of dollars of my stuff was ruined. 

… And, a couple of other properties … the tenants couldn’t pay full rent, so I lowered the rents to cover the bare minimum. Cashflow gone. 

It was as though I was watching a beautiful forest that I’d planted and grown over the past many years go up in flames as I stood there and watched the entire thing burning. 

What do you do? 

I’m a single woman. Living alone. And, my usual support network is in lockdown and everyone is scared and dealing with their own Covid Crisis’. 

As I sat back and watched I realized I could stay there and watch the entire thing burn down or, I could take action. The best action that I could figure out at the time. My approach? I can’t fight the entire fire all at once — that’s impossible, it’s too big. But, I also realized that what appeared to be one big fire was actually several small(er) fires. So, I would work on putting out one fire at a time. Many people did one “covid pivot” .. I did about 10! 

During the last twelve months, I moved 7 times! ← As a necessary step to restructure and reinvent my portfolio of real estate — remodeling, turning short-term rentals into long-term. Or vice versa. At the same time, I fully pivoted Wealthy Wellthy which included building and branding a new money school called Sovereignty Academy.

Oh ya, AND — I lost my pinky toe due to a freak accident and had an unexpected surgery/amputation leaving me pretty incapacitated for about 60 days (while I’m taking care of all of the above) 

Boy… when I write all of that out and think about .. I wonder how the hell I did it. I’m a hard worker — always have been — but, I’ve never worked harder than 2020. Not to mention, there were many moments of sadness. Mostly feelings of aloneness because things felt very heavy.

At one point I told a friend that I feel like “Atlas” — so much heaviness on my shoulders. It wasn’t but days later that I got a pinched nerve in my shoulder and couldn’t move for almost two weeks. The pain was excruciating and my body was telling me — you can’t keep carrying all this weight. 

But, I continued to do the work — inner and outer. The outer was all business. The inner?

I meditated daily. I connected with spirit (who I call Mother U) and asked for the wisdom to know what to do next. I spent quality time with a few friends who were like me, not afraid of Covid ← the virus anyway.  And, most importantly, I kept the mindset that this was a temporary setback. 

And as long as I stayed true to my course and followed my best intuition for what needed to be done, things were going to bounce back. As they always do. And, they always bounce higher to a better place where looking back you are grateful for the hardship.

To sum that up. I call it Faith. I had true faith that everything was going to work out.  

Now …. One year later. 

The situations above forced me to rethink. To restructure. To reinvent. To get out of my patterns and to step up. 

Today, May 8th 2021….

Wealthy Wellthy is in the best place it’s ever been. The forced pivot caused me (and Macy) to invent an entire new strategy and operation for how we run the business. And, we built an entire new program from scratch called CURBS for business that is getting RAVE reviews. It’s my best work yet and it never would have been dreamed up and created without the shift.

And, I’m in the best financial position of my life. And, that’s saying something. I sold some assets to reinvest in others and am now in the middle of two real estate developments. ← This is a big move where I converted (1031 exchanged) out of old and into new. I’ve never developed before so this is an exciting new venture. I’ll be developing/building a 16 unit project in Austin. And, developing/building a 3 unit Luxury AirBNB property on Lake Travis (lake front). 

The best part of this story is that I’ve dreamed of (my entire adult life) having a Mountain Home and a Lakefront home. Well, in the last 12 months I’ll have finally manifested both. I bought a ski home in Park City, UT. And, I now have the lakefront property. Both are AirBNB properties and I’ll be able to block out my own days for when I wish to stay at either place. Part of that dream was to leave the hot Texas summers to be in the mountains. I’ll be in Park City all of August this year. ← it will be an open door, so if you wish to come visit, let me know! 

Oh… and … I got into Crypto this year due to the help of my dear friend Boris. It’s super exciting and I’m loving the opportunity to learn something brand new in the money space. My intention is to be Crypto savvy. And, now that my real estate portfolio is almost complete — crypto will consume the large majority of my future investment bucket! 

Health wise .. the last two years took a lot out of me. You now know about 2020’s harshness. In 2019 I left a destructive romantic relationship. It took me to my knees. I didn’t even know who I was when I practically escaped from that ugly situation. I was just getting back on my feet when Covid took us all by surprise. So, I’ve made 2021 about getting my health (mental, physical and emotional) back to optimal. I’ve done all my Labs so far. I’m back on my supplements and am taking great care of myself. I’m feeling better than ever! 

I know this email is all about me. And, I only share it if you need a little inspiration yourself. To know that ANYTHING is possible and great comes out of every hardship if we keep moving forward with faith, love and intention. And, stay true to the spiritual practices. ← these are what kept me moving forward even when it seemed too hard and heavy.

Part of that practice was staying OUT of the news and the fear propaganda. I made sure my environment was filled with only positive narratives and beliefs. I believe this was key in combination with my meditation, reading, and journaling. I was extremely intentional about not letting negativity into my field and kept my faith that everything was going to work out just fine.

When Mark asked me a follow-up question as to how I was able to make this remarkable recovery, my answer was … I was never afraid. I found myself in different moments, sad, hurt (physically and emotionally), confused …. But, I didn’t have fear. And, I truly was able to let go and surrender to the moments and simply do what I could do. The love I felt in my heart kept me knowing that everything was going to be okay. A true testament that Love over Fear truly works. The love vibration is no joke. It raises us out of any situation. It attracts all the good that life has to offer. Even when it doesn’t seem like that’s the case. It just needs some time to pull everything together.

I’ll complete by saying that the one Book that I read and reread through the year was: the Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. The book is practically falling apart at this point! 

Oh, and one final thing to say. My children, Kael and Macy, inspired me to be an example of what’s possible. They probably don’t know it .. but, they really are my inspiration. Today I pinch myself. I have my health, my wealth and my wellth (meaning extraordinary relationships with my children and extraordinary friends. You know who you are! Thank you! ) 

Please share your inspirational stories with me over the past 12 months. What lemons did you turn into lemonade. I want to know. I’m here for you.

And as always, if you’d like to work directly with me and my team to take you from 5 to 6 or to 7 figures net worth… just click to here set up a time to chat.

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  1. Krisstina you are really something. Such an example of what real success, the grit kind, not the ‘my daddy gave me the company’ kind. You are a Titan and one I admire so much. Just a rare gift to know someone like you and to know children (well adults now) like yours. I learned a deeper lesson about love also during Covid. My came thru prayer in fighting the ‘Covid Fog’ during the last week of my quarantine. You know it was funny, I could not see hope for my future. It’s hard to explain, but operationally, I thought I was not going to be able to perform as a high level like I did in my past so I started to loose my hope. But in a millisecond God reminded me…hey if that does end up happening, its ok. The only skill you need is ‘Love’. Like that, peace and sanity and hope…restored. I came across Romans 13:8-10 a few days ago that sums it up perfectly. We all intuitively know the answer, don’t we. Sometimes it takes a pivot, or 10, to find what was there all along. So beyond grateful to know you friend.

    Romans 13:8-10 ~

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