Coffee w/ Krisstina: October Edition


Here is this October’s edition of Coffee w/Krisstina (& Macy😉) Grab your cup of Java and listen in to the comings and goings of all things Wealthy Wellthy & Sovereignty Academy.

CwK is sharing my goals and reflections with you as we share this journey together. Here you go — the October’s Coffee w/Krisstina VLOG — co-hosted with Macy, my business partner (who happens to also be my lovely daughter).

Put this video on 1.5x speed and come hang out with us. 

We cover:
Memorable Happenings of October 
Mexico! — Went two separate times last month… find out why!
Business Level ⬆️   — 3 days in San Diego w/ the best of the best…
30 new faces — who are they?

Exciting news 
Hint: stock picks for 2021, crypto, liquid assets & more
You can text us now! Text “MONEY” to 512-967-0505. 
It’s Thanksgiving month and we are grateful for you — more to come to celebrate

My October AHA
How important it truly is to get out of our normal environments. To attend physical events, masterminds, trips. To level up and grow, with others! 

My Favorite Read 
Money Grows on Trees — by Jerremy Newsome

My Favorite Listen
This one surprised me. So good… — if you need to have a hard conversation, this is for you. 

My Latest Podcast Episode Releases (any many more!) 
To Choose Out of Desire Rather Than Attached by Fear w/ Ani Manian
It’s Time to Heal w/ Alex Boianghu
Exchanging Energy with Your Environment w/ Harry Massey
The Master of Relationships w/ Alison Armstrong
October Unchallenging Challenge 
5 gratitudes a day — and release of a beta app (in this department:)) 

Please enjoy Episode #6 of CWK Video Series 2021 


If nothing else, complete steps 1 & 2. 

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Krisstina Wealthy Wellthy

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STEP 3: Check out and subscribe to the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast on Itunes. There you will find all my latest releases mentioned in this CwK episode! Macy’s favorite was #225 with Alison Armstrong: The Master of Relationships

STEP 4: Purchase the book I read last month by the incredible, Jerremy Newsome: Money Grows on Trees.

STEP 5: Listen to the Tim Ferris Podcast: #532 — How to Navigate Hard Conversations w/ Sheila Heen

STEP 6: Follow me on Instagram @krisstinawise for weekly content, particularly my Friday IG Lives every Friday morning. 

STEP 7: Explore If you’re interested in learning more about our programs or anything we do here at SA just reach out. Our next class begins on February 28th, 2021.

Have an amazing last few days of Summer!

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