Campus Sneakpeak: 10 Maxims of Million-Dollar Earners

Sovereignty Academy™ is where smart business owners get access to the most innovative ways to grow and scale your business, build wealth, and create a legacy. 

We, at Sovereignty Academy, help you do this in two main ways: 

1. Sovereignty Academy: The “University” (Enroll as a student) 
If you’re a business owner ready to dive deep and go all in to radically transform your wealth trajectory and your business, it’s time to enroll as a student of Sovereignty Academy (SA). Just as your standard university has their schools: “School of business,” “School of art,” “School of Architecture,” with a myriad of different courses — we have something very similar. Sovereignty Academy has three different schools built on the foundation of our transformational online courses educating on topics of strategic wealth building, small business growth and leverage, and alternative investing. Each course we offer is taken over a 12-week “semester.” When you decide to enroll in one of our life and business changing programs as an SA Student, you’re committing to a minimum of one 12-week semester and get free access to The Campus.

2. Sovereignty Academy: The Campus (Become a member) 
If you’re looking for a starting place to gain access to what Sovereignty Academy has to offer, this is the place for you. The mission of The Campus (our online membership community) is to build the strongest and most transformational on and offline community (Campus) centered around wealth, business, and investing. Joining the Campus as a member will get you started on your money mastery journey. It’s super affordable and requires very little time for a huge benefit. It will keep you focused on your finances which is required to have enough money to live WELL. The Campus is an amazing place to get your feet wet and gain access to me, my team, faculty, an ever-growing amazing community of business owners like you, and business-changing and life-altering practices and knowledge. 


As a Campus member, you gain access to quite a bit, but one of the most valuable pieces are our Campus Labs. 

Remember school? You attended class, then were encouraged to catch a Lab for more hands-on experience and extra credit.  Labs provided the opportunity to go deeper, learn from real experience, form closer, more intimate relationships with other students and the instructor, and receive actionable learning.

From entrepreneurs to business owners, avid investors, CFOs, and marketing giants – all of my personally selected Faculty Members (myself included) share and teach [in the LABS on Campus] the latest on the trends of their industry, their successes and failures, and ultimately the “must-knows” to master a Wealthy WELLthy life. The Labs are taught by my personal mentors in Life’s key categories of wealth, health, and relationships. 

For October 2020, I (Krisstina) hosted the Lab and presented one of my favorite talks — called “Money Talks!” Although the Labs and their recordings are typically for Campus Members only, I had such great feedback on this talk and wanted to share it with you. I also wanted to show you first hand what you can expect as a Campus Member!

If you like the Lab, I encourage you to join The Campus today! And, if you need a little nudge — take a look at what a Campus member chatted on our call last week:  

Untitled design 1

This recorded LIVE training was from last week’s “LAB” to my Sovereignty Academy Campus members …  something I do for my Campus members every month as a way to help my tribe make, keep and grow their money in their quest to build Financial Sovereignty (hence, the name)! 🙂 

It’s about untold secrets of how to increase your income at the flip of a switch. Take advantage of this publicly posted training that I believe you’ll find valuable: 

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